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Dear friend,

Thank you for reading Uncanny Philosophy and following my thoughts and life throughout this time. I have returned home from my 2 weeks vacation trip in Europe. In my time over there, I got some opportunity to do some reflection and I managed to do some writing in the train while we moved from one country to another. It was a good break and writing on the train is quite a bonus. I’m sure you would have read all those stories on how you hear people doing works of creativity while on a train (i.e. reading books, pondering outside the glass window as the train passes by the outside country yard and the meadows).

Well I did do some reading (I managed to finish off Paolo Coelho’s Veronika Decides to Die and Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air) but at the same time, I did do some writing ; just general thought reflecting which amounted in two posts being produced here.

The first is about finding meaning in the ordinary where I just reflected on the course of my life during ย my train journey from Paris to Bern (Switzerland).

The 2nd one is on figuring out the Constant in our lives. I borrowed the title from an episode of Lost and I wrote this post toward the end of my stay where I found that my constant in life is actually my divine maker.

The 3rd post, also I had written during my stay in Paris, entitled “The Price we pay” was actually based on some of my experiences in Europe. Some situations had occur which made me sit down and think on the price we pay whenever we heed to a certain decision that we make in our life.

Both posts I hope will be interesting and will be able to inspire you in your own journey of life.

Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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