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6 Months Later


Precisely 6 months ago I was dumped to do something shitty at work. Initially I thought things would be ok, that all that was needed was just to provide some managerial oversight to the remaining functions that would needed to be deployed at work. I have to admit – I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I said yes to taking on the role. I had just delivered a grueling 13 month project in...

Post Covid


If you are reading this, that would mean I have recovered from COVID. Actually yours truly recovered from COVID quite sometime back (think it was around mid-3rd week of April). But the effects are still lingering on after some time. They say (and many folks that I know who contracted the virus) that even after you recover, the symptoms don’t really go away so soon. The coughs and runny nose and...

Daddy’s Little Girl


So the title says it all. As I mentioned a couple of posts’s ago, I shared that I am going to be a daddy again. Today, we found out the gender of our 2nd child – it’s a girl. It was a real surreal feeling to finally realise that we were blessed with a baby girl. I couldnt stop feeling happy the whole day today soon after we found out. It felt like I was on cloud 9 after so long...

The Day COVID Hit Home


They say, with the new omricon virus strain, which is highly contagious but not so lethal, that eventually you will be bound to catch it. Its not a matter of if, but just a matter of when. And true enough this week, the wifey got hit with the virus which really left us in a scramble to plan on what to do next. I didn’t expect wifey would get it, although part of me was also thinking given...


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