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Managing the Home


May 1st was supposed to be a nice welcoming long weekend for us here. I was looking forward to the long break and was hoping to fill it up with some much needed family activity. Instead what happened was the wifey fell strangely ill, it started with a headache that occured on a mundane wednesday night when we were done preparing the word for our upcoming EC celebration Way. The headaches started...

I thought I should write something…


I know its been a while ; yours truly has been quite busy with life generally – I think my last post was almost 3 months ago, and in that I mentioned that life is really like a timing thing – I suppose you could say that even blogging is a timing thing. I just havent had the chance to blog or pen down my thoughts over the last couple of months because I have been vividly living it...

It’s a Timing Thing


When things don’t go your way, its a timing thing,When your body feels broken because you have just being carrying her nonstop for the whole day, its a timing thingWhen you feel like the job you want is not coming, its a timing thingWhen you feel like there is no end in sight, its a timing thing For everything under the sun has its purpose,a season for everything, a time for everythingYou...

My Life in the Apple Ecosystem


Yes alot has happened and I shouldn’t use the first post of the year to talk about stuff. But indulge me for abit as it’s been awhile since I have talked about any kind of stuff. And so today as I was waiting to see the doctor, yes I am typing this in the doctor’s office I couldn’t help but be envious of the other patient beside me who was sporting a foldable phone, wasn’t sure what model it was...

Waiting on the Lord – The Pregnancy


About a year ago (11 months to be exact!) I began a series of essays on waiting on the Lord. These essays were designed to remind me about God’s faithfulness in my life, especially during times where I felt abandon or moments where I felt God as not listening to me, or answering my prayers. I started the series at a very trying time in my life, and to be honest the trials continued all throughout...


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