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My Life in the Apple Ecosystem


Yes alot has happened and I shouldn’t use the first post of the year to talk about stuff. But indulge me for abit as it’s been awhile since I have talked about any kind of stuff. And so today as I was waiting to see the doctor, yes I am typing this in the doctor’s office I couldn’t help but be envious of the other patient beside me who was sporting a foldable phone, wasn’t sure what model it was...

Waiting on the Lord – The Pregnancy


About a year ago (11 months to be exact!) I began a series of essays on waiting on the Lord. These essays were designed to remind me about God’s faithfulness in my life, especially during times where I felt abandon or moments where I felt God as not listening to me, or answering my prayers. I started the series at a very trying time in my life, and to be honest the trials continued all throughout...

Come Be My Light


We wee back at the gynae’s again on the 12th of September, on a solemn Monday morning. The news was the same as the week before with the exception of the prodromal contractions that the wifey was experiencing since last week. Upon checking on the ultrasound, everything looked ok – fluids were fine and baby was fine. Technically, there was NO need to even induce he baby. And so the decision...

Expecting the Unexpected


Today marks day 8 of my 25 day work leave. The baby has still showed no signs of coming out and with a heavy decision weighing on us, we decided that she will be evicted this Friday, 16th of September. To be honest its sort of an anticlimactic moment for the parents. Mommy wished she could have naturally experienced contractions and her daddy wished she would have come out earlier like her...

Oh Just Come out already!


he last month or so has been slow. Like really SLOOOOW. We have just been counting down (slowly) the days till baby Hammie’s arrival and so you could imagine the excitement we felt as we approached week 39. Week after week, patiently seeing her grow, checking on mummy’s health at the doctor’s office built up on our anticipation. I even took extra leave to make sure this time...


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