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Lifting UP the Burdens


A few months back I wrote about how I struggled with some issues at work and I was finally out of the woods. Back then I thought the worst was “over” in some sense, but I would come to realize that I actually had more unresolved burdens that I was carrying. It all started on Friday night when I met up with a good friend from my recent men’s group over dinner. I was at my...

thoughts on the red dot


Note : I told myself I need to write more, especially during this long break that we have so here goes – 3 posts on the red dot to celebrate its National Day The Red Dot. I dont particularly have great memories of the red dot because of the ghost of my past life is rooted around this place. Not getting to come here to win back my ex many years ago left me wounded for a couple of years, so...

Carrying on


This is not going to be a Long entry but I did want to add a few updates to what has been going on with my life so here goes – Joining a men’s group – lately I joined a wonderful men’s catholic group which has been truly a blessing in helping me reconnect and continue my own journey with God. I even had an opportunity to host some of them last Thursday and we had a blessed and great...

A new beginning And purpose


I didn’t expect it would happen so soon although I was already planning on it for months now. Not getting promoted late last year really had a major impact on me, both emotionally and mentally. I felt I had lost something inside of me, some part had been chipped away from me. I lost some zest for life as we prepared to move to our new home. Dealing with this COVID shit was also not a fun...

A one-week breather


Apologies for not continuing with my follow up Part 2 of the Circuit breaker post from before. Work has been keeping me quite busy and to some degree stressed as well as I wade my way around through this new operating model that was introduced earlier this year. What a crappy and shitty time to introduce it – given how uncertain the current economic climate has had an impact on all of us...


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