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Carrying on


This is not going to be a Long entry but I did want to add a few updates to what has been going on with my life so here goes – Joining a men’s group – lately I joined a wonderful men’s catholic group which has been truly a blessing in helping me reconnect and continue my own journey with God. I even had an opportunity to host some of them last Thursday and we had a blessed and great...

A new beginning And purpose


I didn’t expect it would happen so soon although I was already planning on it for months now. Not getting promoted late last year really had a major impact on me, both emotionally and mentally. I felt I had lost something inside of me, some part had been chipped away from me. I lost some zest for life as we prepared to move to our new home. Dealing with this COVID shit was also not a fun...

A one-week breather


Apologies for not continuing with my follow up Part 2 of the Circuit breaker post from before. Work has been keeping me quite busy and to some degree stressed as well as I wade my way around through this new operating model that was introduced earlier this year. What a crappy and shitty time to introduce it – given how uncertain the current economic climate has had an impact on all of us...

Surviving The Lockdown Part 1


When the news erupted back in early April that the little red dot would be going into a lockdown circuit breaker, I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. For months now, beginning 2 months back in early February, things were already starting to look more worrisome with COVID-19. While my work made plans to get people to start practicing social distancing, I gotta say I didn’t think...

Very much alive, very much busy


This is definitely not the first time that I have written a header with a title that is similar to the one above. So far, despite the ever-increasing spread of COVID-19, the family is somehow doing ok. Personally, while physically everything has been so far so good, at a mental level the virus outbreak has somewhat taken some hit on my mental resilience. I think the thought of project stopping...


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