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Daddy’s Little Girl


So the title says it all. As I mentioned a couple of posts’s ago, I shared that I am going to be a daddy again. Today, we found out the gender of our 2nd child – it’s a girl. It was a real surreal feeling to finally realise that we were blessed with a baby girl. I couldnt stop feeling happy the whole day today soon after we found out. It felt like I was on cloud 9 after so long...

The Day COVID Hit Home


They say, with the new omricon virus strain, which is highly contagious but not so lethal, that eventually you will be bound to catch it. Its not a matter of if, but just a matter of when. And true enough this week, the wifey got hit with the virus which really left us in a scramble to plan on what to do next. I didn’t expect wifey would get it, although part of me was also thinking given...

A Scare to Remember


It was a typical Tuesday morning. I was working from home today as I had planned to do so for the next couple of days given there was a positive COVID Case at work. Wifey started her usual day except that over the last few days things were not very usual – wifey had the dreaded and fearful brown discharges occurring every now and then. Today, once again those dreaded discharges resurfaced...

The Peace that is beyond this world


My heart has been pounding alot more than it should be these last few weeks. I have been struggling to fall asleep more easily these past few weeks. My mind races as I scan through the texts of chats or emails. In short, I have not had peace of mind for the last couple of weeks. Work worries, investment worries, fianancial worries have all plagued my mind in recent times. As I admitted to wifey...

Pregnancy Daze


“This pregnancy is definitely going harder than before man” wifey lamented to me as we were walking to buy lunch. I nodded, agreeing with her that indeed this time around, it was indeed harder on her. In fact I have been hearing this for the last week or so – the nausea, the fatigue, the avoidance of certain kind of smells, the cravings for zhi-char type of food, all bundled up...


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