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Expecting the Unexpected


Today marks day 8 of my 25 day work leave. The baby has still showed no signs of coming out and with a heavy decision weighing on us, we decided that she will be evicted this Friday, 16th of September. To be honest its sort of an anticlimactic moment for the parents. Mommy wished she could have naturally experienced contractions and her daddy wished she would have come out earlier like her...

Oh Just Come out already!


he last month or so has been slow. Like really SLOOOOW. We have just been counting down (slowly) the days till baby Hammie’s arrival and so you could imagine the excitement we felt as we approached week 39. Week after week, patiently seeing her grow, checking on mummy’s health at the doctor’s office built up on our anticipation. I even took extra leave to make sure this time...

Visiting Home Part 1


June was a much anticipated month for me. I finally got to bring the family back home to visit my siblings and my parents after not being able to see them for more than 2 years due to the COVID pandemic. It was definitely an exciting time for me to allow my little one to experience his first flight (as a kid!) as we flew from SG to KL on the 5th of June. There was definitely alot of joy for us to...

6 Months Later


Precisely 6 months ago I was dumped to do something shitty at work. Initially I thought things would be ok, that all that was needed was just to provide some managerial oversight to the remaining functions that would needed to be deployed at work. I have to admit – I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I said yes to taking on the role. I had just delivered a grueling 13 month project in...

Post Covid


If you are reading this, that would mean I have recovered from COVID. Actually yours truly recovered from COVID quite sometime back (think it was around mid-3rd week of April). But the effects are still lingering on after some time. They say (and many folks that I know who contracted the virus) that even after you recover, the symptoms don’t really go away so soon. The coughs and runny nose and...


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